This Art in the Hall show will be at the Foothills Centennial Centre from October to December 2019.


             WATER AND FIRE

Water and Fire - 2 of the essential elements.
When balanced, life is harmonious - peaceful.
In disharmony, flooding and forest fires ravage and destroy.
As life returns to balance, nature's beauty transcends through the rubble, and illuminates the awareness that destruction creates abundant life.


Wind Hound - Sailing
Heading out in a sailboat is a peaceful way to spend a lazy afternoon. Jump into the clean, fresh water to cool off.
Applique, kite for a sail
Aspen Grove
Head for a walk amongst the trees give a sense of peace and contentment.
Piecing, wet felted tree trunks.
This piece is a tribute to all those that have driven out through raging fires to bring their families to safety. Driving through the flames, sparks and smoke must take courage and determination.
Bead accents.
Smoke blankets the country as fires rage through our forests. In the spring while up in Edmonton, the sun never rose. The yellow smog obscured the trees, the buildings, the sky. It was so thick you could taste it.
Paint, thread painting, silk hankie, netting, beads.
Floating Away
High River was one of the communities hit by the 2013 flood. The streets of downtown became part of the raging river. Cars floated along bumping into trees and buildings.
Collage, nature / iron dyed river water, embellished
Muddy Swirls
Is there a current when the water leaves its’ channel? Where does land begin and water end?
Abstract – pieced. Machine and Hand quilted.
What's Left Behind
Water, sewage, garbage…. Everything swirls around in the sludgy water during a flood and then the water recedes and only the gunk remains covering everything
Paint, thread, scraps collaged and appliqued onto a background.
Tribute to Fort McMurray
Forest fires are becoming more common in Western Canada and around the world. The bare trees stand tall amongst the flames until they too are consumed.
Circle of Life
Does life ever travel smoothly? The path jumps, collides, intersects and ricochets; never seeming to take you on your intended journey.
Pieced, machine quilted.
Breaking Through
The sun will shine again! Water will recede. Flowers will break through the mud. Life will return to a new normal.
Painted, thread play, felted flowers
Hiking In The Rockies
Even in the Rocky Mountains life grows lush and green with water cascading down the hill side. Disaster often brings new life.
Collage, thread play, embellishments.
Clean Water
Clear blue water; life is peaceful once more.
Abstract, collage, fabric, paper, paint
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