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Thread Guide

Make life easy; avoid tension problems caused by unruly thread or cones that are too big to sit on your machine. The 'Thread Guide' allows you to set your thread on the table and guide it smoothly.

Sewing Machine Thread Hook - Flow Sim1 -

Take your Thread Guide with you wherever your sewing machine goes. Small enough to fit in the accessory box and bright green to find easily.

Fits on all machines.

Works on both vertical and horizontal thread pins.

Easy to transport - lightweight and portable.

Keeps your thread running smoothly.

Great for metallic and other specialty threads that twist and break easily.

Handy to keep multiple threads separate when doing appliqué or embroidery by using a separate Thread Guide for each thread.

Works on all weights and styles of thread.

Innovative notion for thread delivery.

Durable build & superior quality.


Order your Thread Guide for only $9.00. plus shipping & handling

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