Teaching - Zoom teaching is lots of fun.I offer classes in both traditional and art quilts for adults or children both advanced and beginners. We can design a class that is just right for you.

Virtual Teaching

Teaching from the comfort of your own home gives you the opportunity to have students from all over the world. Finding the platforms that work best for you is the challenge. In this workshop I will share what has worked best for me, but we will also look at alternatives. We don’t all have the same hardware or software.

We will look at Zoom, Google Classroom, Power Point, making videos and technology to make that happen.

In the two-hour Zoom class, we will go over all the material and then you will be invited into my classroom where you will have time to explore, digest and ask questions. I will answer online creating a dialogue to help you create dynamic classes.

This method is also perfect for in person and online classes simultaneously. Feedback from students over the past year has shown that using technology will be part of my teaching tools in the future.

2 hour Zoom with online follow up

Sheep Creek Arts Council

For more information or to register click the link.

One Block Wonder Quilt

 Do you like looking into a Kaleidoscope? If so this is the perfect block for you.  Learn how to make a one block wonder, how to use different sizes and include 3D squares and rectangles. Make a quilt, a wall hanging or some smaller projects. The first class will be discussing fabric choices and looking at options for making your project one of a kind.

This class will be offered in person or by Zoom. There will be sewing done during the class. Videos will be available through a classroom available to all participants.

 Materials. – Sewing machine and supplies

6 repeats of a fabric to make the hexies. Buy extra if you want to include some of the fabric in your piece. Panels work well – 6 or 7 needed.Optional – 3 fabrics in light, medium and dark for the squares.

Sept 13, Oct 4, 18, Nov 1, 15 and Dec 6

6 – 9 PM

Free Motion Quilting

Free motion quilting adds visual interest to your quilt or art piece. This class is perfect for the beginner or those that want to add more designs to their repertoire. We will look at the tools and supplies for both free range quilting or following designs ‘drawn’ on your piece. This is an in-person or by Zoom class. Sewing will be done both days.

Materials –

It can be done on most machines – the feed dogs need to be lowered or covered and a darning or free motion foot is required.

Thread – bring different weights and types if you have them.

12 - 15 Quilt Sandwiches – This is a piece of cotton fabric top and bottom with batting pinned together. 12” square 

Safety pins

If you want to bring a SMALL piece to work on.

 Saturday & Sunday

October 29 & 30

10 AM – 4 PM

 Twisted Christmas Wreath

Sew up a new wreath for Christmas or change the colours and make it for another season. This class uses the Lil’ Twister ruler (made for 5” squares) which is a perfect size for learning the technique, but any size will work. You will learn how to design your own patterns.

 This class will be offered in person or by Zoom. Videos will be available after for 4 months through a classroom.


Sewing Machine and supplies

Fabric – 16 – 5” squares of a variety of greens for wreath

            9 – 5 “squares in a variety of background fabric, plus ½ M of background fabric

            Batting and Backing Fabric - ½ M

Lil Twister Ruler

Saturday & Sunday

November 26 & 27

10 AM – 4 PM

Addies Creative Fabric - Cochrane

Call 1 587 439 8840 to book

These classes are taught virtually using Zoom.


Beyond the Border #2


5 classes 1st and 3rd Thursday

On Zoom

September 15, October 6, October 20, November 3, November 17


The journey continues with exploring borders such as courtyard steps,

butterflies, diamonds, cathedral windows, scallops, and broken star.

These can be added to quilt centers you have completed, panels, placemats,

or wall-hangings. 


North Star Runner

October 6 & 20

On Zoom

7 – 8:30 PM



Start with simple piecing, cut out some triangles, rearrange them and the magic appears. This table runner pattern gives you a bonus smaller runner with the same amount of work and uses up all your scraps. Make one for yourself and another for a gift. Be green and generous at the same time.

Pattern required.




Twisted Gnomes

November 10 and 24

On Zoom

7 – 8:30 PM


Use the twisted ruler to create a runner one week then applique gnomes on the following class – a perfect Christmas runner. Change the colours and make it for your favorite season.

Pattern required.

Self Study

Stained Glass Cathedral Window Quilt or Runner - 4 week class

Flower Garden Quilt or Runner - 4 week class

Pillowcase 1 class

Get Out of Your Box Quilt - 14 week class

Borders - Techniques - 12 week class or it can be taken in 3 sections.

Stars Galore - Techniques - 12 week class

Finishing Techniques for Traditional Quilts - 4 week class

Finishing Techniques for Art Quilts - 4 week class

These classes are all set up and can be taken virtually as a self study. You will be invited into a Google Classroom. Videos and instructions will be posted each week. I will be available for discussion during the time to answer questions on the classroom.

Student Comments on my Zoom Classes

I have really enjoyed the quilting classes on Zoom with Joyce.  I have taken three of Joyce's classes online since January 2021 - started with the beginner Flower Garden Quilt, continued with Finishing a Traditional Quilt, and just completed the Stained Glass Cathedral Windows class.  She posts videos to explain every step of the quilt and then spends a lot of time teaching and answering all  the questions that my class members and I have for her during our zoom class time.  She has imparted to us not only information but the confidence that we can learn to grow in our artistic appreciation of quilting. And we have a lot of fun!   I now have a couple of quilting projects that I am really proud of and I am so grateful to Joyce for her patient and encouraging teaching style.  I am so glad she taught  me the basics of quilting and I look forward to learning more advanced quilting with her. by Debbie

Joyce has done an amazing job of teaching quilting classes over zoom. During the online class Joyce demonstrates concepts using different camera angles and has many samples to share with the class. Between classes she posts detailed videos and movies to demonstrate the next steps of our project and makes herself available through email and posting on Classroom to provide ongoing support. This has allowed the participants to spend class time sharing questions, offering encouragement to each other and sharing an interest in a new hobby. We can leave our quilting area set up and don’t need to spend valuable time packing and unpacking our quilting supplies to attend an in person class Joyce, thanks so much making the online experience such a success. I very much appreciate all your efforts to make the online quilting course a truly positive experience. by Pam

I was so fortunate to have Joyce as my teacher for my very first ever foray into quilting. I was an absolute newbie. Joyce explained everything so clearly, was so patient and so much fun that I’m signing up for her next two classes as well. She really instills an infectious sense of confidence and creativity into our quilting classes. Thanks so much, Joyce. by Lorene